"Thank you for coming to Lampo and doing a memory workshop for us.  We have gotten numerous positive reviews from the team.  The skills you taught us are truly invaluable and will help our sales team and administrative professionals."

-Financial Peace University

"The Governor and his guests were spellbound."
-Janice Fisher
Tennessee Senate Chamber

"But, they have been most impressed with the display of your incredible memory.  How in the world could you have remembered 150 names of our employees and spouses?"
-Jeffrey A. Golden
Union Planters Bank

"The thing that topped the evening off was when you called all 75 people in the room by name to say farewell, despite the fact that we had all removed our name badges at the beginning of the presentation!"

-Andrea Rietman
Integra Bank

"I was impressed by the fact that Kevin's memory is so amazing.  At the beginning of his performance, he had identified each of approximately 60 people in attendance and knew each by name."

-Joel Gordon
Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc.

"Equally impressive was your ability to call everyone in the room by name!"
-Andrew Benedict III
Smith Barney

"We still want to know how you were able to call 101 attendees by their name at the end of our meeting."
-Niva Johnson
Summer Association of Realtors

"Everyone is still raving about how you were able to recall everyone's name without even being introduced!"
-Ken Downey
Ponder & Company

"The "Memory Workshop" you delivered to our sales force was outstanding!"
-Mark Barrett

"The "doubletalk" kept everyone in stitches and the memory demonstrations were phenomenal."
-Stephen L. Reed
SunTrust Bank

"Kevin, you are delightfully mad and I love it!"
-Minnie Pearl

"You were the hit of the show which didn't surprise me."
-Chet Atkins