[Verbal Perception Manipulation]

"Corporate Entertainment With a Message"


Kevin King’s Verbal Perception Manipulation (VPM) is a unique and compelling brand of corporate entertainment with a clear and concise message at its core. His distinctive style and approach have earned the respect and recommendation of:

  • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
  • United States Department of Justice
  • GE Financial Assurance

The presentation starts as an incredible hoax on an unsuspecting audience. Kevin is introduced as an expert in your industry – someone who has unlocked the secrets to business trends and success in the coming year. He begins to work the group slowly and carefully, implying that the keys to unparalleled achievement are about to be revealed. 

As Kevin continues his talk, the group hangs on every word, but something seems amiss – eyes begin to glaze over and they wonder if they’ve lost their minds?! In truth, they’ve unwittingly been drawn into the world of VPM – otherwise known as Doubletalk. The words they’re struggling to grasp are a mixture of ambiguous and evasive nonsense. 

At precisely the right moment, the charade is revealed to a much-relieved audience. Kevin begins to share his hilarious experiences using Doubletalk to deal with people in his personal and professional lives. 

Kevin concludes the program by emphasizing, with humor, that clear communication is crucial to success! 

Utilizing Kevin King’s Verbal Perception Manipulation to entertain and inform your corporate or small business group is a sure-fire way to make your event both memorable and meaningful!