[Kevin King Memory Workshop]

Train Your Brain


For anyone who has uttered the words, “I have a horrible memory!”, here’s some great news – there is no such thing. Your memory is neither “Good” nor “Bad”. It is either  “Trained” or  “Untrained”. It’s that simple, and Kevin King will show you how to train yours to perform at top efficiency.


Kevin King’s Memory Workshops and techniques have been praised across the country and around the world. Companies large and small have employed Kevin to give their employees an edge in both their business and personal lives.


In an increasingly competitive business marketplace, every company and individual needs a winning edge. Kevin King can provide that edge for you and your company.

The value of this course is real and tangible in terms of memory recall management. Those attending will see immediate results during the session! Whether you want to remember the names of those people in your circle of influence, or just your grocery list, Kevin King’s Memory Workshop will unlock the potential your brain holds.

The training will eliminate the embarrassment experienced when failing to recall a client’s name or information vital to a business account. It provides you the advantage needed in today’s competitive business environment! Book your private or group Memory Workshop today!